Thursday, January 6, 2011

Use a Bubble-Mailer for a Netbook or Laptop Sleeve


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I needed a laptop sleeve for my iBook, but didn’t feel like waiting days for a glorified computer glove. Using a bubble-mailer is a cheap replacement if you plan on carrying your laptop in a schoolbag.

Use a Bubble-Mailer for a Netbook or Laptop Sleeve

step 1 Gather Materials

The bubble mailer itself is a sufficient sleeve for the duties of a backpack. I wouldn’t want to drop-test it, but so far have no complaints. I also added a simple Apple logo to the front using transparent printer sheets. If you don’t already own these, it might be cost-prohibitive (at least in the sense of using a bubble-mailer to protect a laptop.) I bought my pack in the clearance section of Staples. My Mac is an iBook, so I picked a representative apple. Choose yours accordingly.

  • (1) Staples QuickStrip Poly Bubble Mailers, #5.
  • Dollar store Velcro strips.
  • (1) Sheet of Avery 8665 Clear Inkjet Full Sheet Shipping Labels, bought on clearance.

Gather Materials

See all the steps to put together your own custom bubble mailers here.

This could come in handy if you’re toting around a new Macbook Air too – which sort of reminds me of this Macbook Air parody:

This kills me!


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