Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Photo Collection of Weird Toys

Here’s an interesting assemblage of bizarre and unusual toys collected across the Internet. Enjoy them in all their freakiness. As someone pointed out at

“Childhood is measured with innocence. We try to keep kids away from the horrors of life in order to let them grow innocently.

Do you think your kids will grow in innocence with these weird toys! I don’t know about others but i will never allow my kids to play with these creepy toys.”

~ I know what he means! ~Michele

2. MoCo Loco: China Collection by Ena Macana

China and its many meanings are explored in Ena Macana’s new China Collection. A selection of toys made in China are re-made in Barcelona in a provocative way that inverts the counterfeit process often seen in China – transforming the toys into fashion accessories. Thought provoking stuff.

mocoloco. CHINESE

Image credit: MoCo Loco

"McSupersized" Ronald McDonald Toys by Ron English





You aren’t going to find any of these puppies at your local daycare supplies place, that’s for sure!


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