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Is Christian Hypnosis For Real?


I found this online and I’m a bit undecided about whether or not religion and hypnosis should mix. Anyone who would like to provide their input on this, please feel free to do so. From what I can tell, Christian hypnosis could provide the answers to the problems of many people. I think that weight loss hypnosis could really be of benefit to me especially.

Hypnosis for Christians explained

Experiences create a change in feeling...

Lets look at the scary movie concept. When you are watching a scary movie you know that you are safely sitting in the chair but from what you see, you experience physical changes such as increased heart rate, hair raising up, maybe sweating, and maybe even tense feelings in your chest. We consciously know that it is not real but yet we feel that way anyway.

The reason why we felt something is because our subconscious interpreted it as real. It is what represents the most primitive part of our brain. Our subconscious is our PRIMITIVE PROTECTOR. It is what kicks in and protects us when we need to be protected. Unfortunately it is primitive and creates feelings we do not really want. Do you ever have feelings, desires, or fears you do not want to have? Of course you do.

Hypnosis provides the experience that we need to put our conscious and subconscious minds directly in line with one another. This makes it so we feel what we really want to feel.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is by definition a relaxed, focused state of concentration. Until recently it was assumed that it was similar to sleep, or that the mind was somehow unconscious. In reality, it is a specific state that the brain enters into where it is highly receptive to suggestion. This has been discovered on brain scans during hypnosis.
It is not an unusual state of mind and may feel like you are not in a trance or in hypnosis. For most people they simply feel very relaxed. It is the state of mind you enter into as you pass into sleep every night. It is a very comfortable state of mind. During hypnosis your mind is very open to visualizations and creating a rich sensory experience. The more real the experience becomes in the subconscious mind during hypnosis, the more effect it will have on your waking behavior.

How we use Hypnosis for improving our lives

With hypnosis you can bypass the critical factor. The critical factor is what is preventing you from making the change you want to make. It is the subconscious. (put the picture of hypnosis and how it bypasses the critical factor right here). With hypnosis we give you the suggestions you need to put your subconscious directly in line with the way you want to feel.
In the past, our subconscious decided that it was best to feel a certain way. These things can be strikingly simple, or complicated. Remember that the subconscious is primitive.

Hypnosis bypasses whatever critical factor was developed.

Here is a thorough but simple example: John as a child was always told to clean his plate. He was always rewarded when he finished his plate. He was also rewarded with candy and other treats at a young age. There were lots of great memories where food was involved. When John was in 5th grade, he was gaining some weight, his mother said that he would always be a big boy. From these experiences his subconscious believed that is was good to be heavier. It was good to eat. He ate for pleasure and he always felt he should eat more than other people. He told himself he would always be bigger than other guys. Currently John is overweight and does not want to be. He has desires to eat but does not want those desires anymore. Through hypnosis john is able to eliminate the desires and change the subconscious. Now John does not feel the cravings anymore.
Through hypnosis his subconscious now knows that it is good to be thin. There is only short term pleasure in fatty foods. Through hypnosis John now feels desires for healthier foods, because his subconscious is lined up with his conscious mind.
The primitive protector is always looking to protect us. It believes everything we tell it, even in our conscious minds.

Getting Scientific

What this site is referring to as the “subconscious” is the limbic system of the brain. It is what causes us to have emotions. The good thing is that the limbic system effects all parts of our body. The Amygdala takes in our experience and decides how the rest of the body will respond. This is why we can create virtually any desired feeling or programming through hypnosis. Through hypnosis we give ourselves an experience, that causes our body to react in a positive way. And in hypnosis, the experience is one hundred times as powerful than in our waking state.

Getting Spiritual

Whereas an experience can be powerful, a spiritual experience is much more powerful. It can create the desired change faster and easier than anything else. Isn’t God more powerful than anything? The programs available on this site are all Christian based, focusing on your core Christian beliefs that God can create any change in you as long as you want that change.

Frequently asked questions about Hypnosis

Q. Can Hypnosis be dangerous?

A. Absolutely not. Hypnosis is a normal state of mind, one which most people go in and out of every day. Everyone goes into hypnosis. When you are watching a movie that you are engrossed in, driving down a long monotonous road, listening to music that captures a mood or engrosses you, you are in a light stage of hypnosis. We experience hypnosis every day and don't even know it. When you are in a guided hypnotic trance session, or driving down the road in trance, you have an observer self, which is an actual part of you that is always aware and watching out for you. This observer self has been documented as a credible aspect of our mind, that keeps us safe, even when asleep. It is our primitive protector. During hypnosis you can trust that your observer self will watch over you. This is not a guide or spiritual being, is a scientific discovery of a function of our brain. During a hypnosis session you would instantly get up and leave the room if it caught on fire, even if it felt previously that your arms and leg were too heavy to move.

Q. I can’t be hypnotized, I’m too strong willed.

A. Going into hypnosis is a choice. You never lose control at any time. Any time you wanted to you could bring yourself out of it. You have to want the desired effect. It has nothing to do with IQ, intelligence, or any kind of willpower. It is a very deep, relaxed state in which your mind is more susceptible to suggestion. If you didn’t want the desired effect it simply wouldn’t work.

Q. Can hypnosis make me do anything against my will?

A. No. Contrary to what you see in a hypnosis stage show, you can’t do anything against your own will. Let me take a moment to explain a hypnosis stage show.
Stage Show: In a hypnosis stage show, the hypnotist asks for volunteers. Once he has volunteers he gets them on the stage and hypnotizes them. The first thing he does, is try to create belief that he does have control over them. This is never true. That is why throughout the entire show he takes people off the stage, these are people who 1. don’t want to do what he says or 2. don’t get hypnotized or believe it. He has to take them off the stage fast or he’ll look stupid. He creates the belief that he does have control by compounding his suggestions. He starts off with “you are getting very hot” or “very cold”. He starts off with small suggestions, that can typically happen in hypnosis anyway, and then he compounds them, making them more and more complex with each suggestion he gives. So by the end of the stage show, the suggestions he’s giving are making people dance, sing, and do really crazy things. At anytime, the people could get off the stage. If the hypnotist were to say “take this knife, and stab your spouse” the person would immediately come out of hypnosis and react any way that he would normally.

Q. Should we be dabbling in hypnosis? Is this really something that God would want us to do? Are we subjecting ourselves to evil spirits?

A. If it is wrong, then we are all wrong. Each and every one of us go in and out of hypnosis everyday. It is a natural state of mind that we pass through as we go to sleep. The uniqueness of hypnosis is that we guide ourselves down to that state of mind in order to make wanted changes. Similar to guided meditation. 

Hypnosis is a tool. Just like any tool your intentions on how you use it are very important. An axe is an excellent tool to chop wood, and do yard work, etc. You could also use an axe as a weapon and hurt people with it. If your intentions are bad, then it would be bad. Just because one person might use an axe as a weapon and hurt someone, does not mean that we should never pick up an axe again. The same is true for hypnosis. If your intentions are good, then there is no reason to be troubled. I do not pretend to understand how electricity works, but I sure will enjoy what electricity does for me. Then again, you can also kill a man with electricity.
You may hear of people who use hypnosis for the wrong reason or intention. If your goal is to do something bad, obviously that would be wrong. You must realize though, you cannot do anything in hypnosis against your will.
You are in no way more susceptible to “evil spirits” with any of the programs on my site. They are totally the opposite in fact. The goal with Christian hypnosis is to maximize the potential within you and align you more with God and His spirit. This allows us to create the good change you desire.

Q. Can you get stuck in hypnosis?

A. No one has ever got stuck in a terminal state of hypnosis. It simply cannot happen. If the hypnotist left the room, or if you were listening to a tape and the power went out, you would either fall asleep and wake up naturally or your subconscious mind would detect that there is no voice guiding you and bring you to conscious awareness. It is just like sleep. You can't get stuck in sleep either.

Q. Will I forget everything during the session?

A. It occasionally happens that there is amnesia after the session but it is not typical. Stage hypnotists will suggest that participants forget what transpired but this only takes effect if the person is willing to do what the hypnotist says. If not, they will remember everything. Typically it happens because the person believes the stage hypnotist has control of them, which of course is never true.
You will be aware of everything around you and remember most, if not all, that happened in the session. Usually, you will remember it better than a conversation we had because your mind is in such a focused state. Sometimes when you get into very deep states of hypnosis you will not remember what happened. This is because you got too close to being asleep. It is the same as when you do not remember everything that happened when you are asleep at night. If you forget what happened, it basically means that you got so deep into hypnosis you started to fall asleep.

The Truth about Hypnosis is this…

It can be the one most important tools to change the way your mind experiences your world. If there ever was a magic wand that could help you change anything about your life, your health or your behavior, this might be it. Good hypnotherapists know how to gently release blocks and fears and create a new inner belief that will set the wheels in motion to make changes in the way you think, feel, and behave. And on this site we integrate all of those powerful things with your spiritual life. We combine the hypnosis session into a guided prayer. It is a wonderful experience that will deepen your connection with God as well as overcome obstacles in your life.
If you have further questions please email us and we will be glad to answer your questions.  ben (at) ChristianHypnosis (dot) org





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