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Where to Buy a Cheap Point of Sale System for Your Retail Store or Restaurant

by Robert Bell

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Point of Sale systems have made the operations side of retail and restaurant businesses much more efficient. You can control you inventory, check sales levels and numerous other functions at a click of a button. Most Point of Sale systems can be adapted to suit special functions of your particular business and integrated into your backend accounting package. With so many options available and numerous suppliers, where do you find the best deal for a Point of Sale System for your business?



Finding the Suitable Point of Sale System for your Business

In your restaurant or retail store you will have certain systems that suit your particular way of operating. A good way to find a POS that is suited to your business is to write down a quick list of criteria for your system. Another way is to draw up a flow chart of your operating systems so that you can, at a glance, see what functions are most important to your business. This way, when you are shopping around, you can immediately shortlist the systems that meet your requirements. Once you have your shortlist, you can then start comparing other features of the systems, as well as providers’ prices and service. It doesn’t really make sense to simply go for the cheapest system if it is not going to help you run your business efficiently.


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Shopping Options for Your Point of Sale System

While you do want to find the best system for your business, you also don’t want the process to drag on endlessly. You could use your local phonebook, call up the different POS service providers and ask for quotes but it’ll probably take a couple of days for them to all get back to you. A more convenient way to shop around is to go online. Large online computer retailers can offer you a wide range of POS systems. Because of their buying power, you can generally also find very competitively priced deals. The advantage of shopping online for your POS system is that you can easily compare different systems. Take a look at their specifications, functionality, areas in which they can be customized and prices. Often if you want to find feedback on a certain system, you can search for an online forum where system users give you their honest opinions.




The Benefits of Shopping Online for Your Point of Sale System

A good online retailer will have several products in the same category that you can compare at a glance. This makes the shopping process so much easier for you. If you look at the specifications of one particular system, they will often have other products with similar specifications listed at the bottom of the page. You can conveniently click on any of those links and quickly compare the prices and specifications of the other products. Some online systems may have a feature where you can make comparisons of one particular brand or price range. Once you have selected your system, you can purchase it right away with your credit card. It is then conveniently shipped directly to you, saving you the hassle of going to collect and transport it yourself. You can arrange for delivery to take place at a date and time that is convenient to you. You can also track your order online and see where it is in the delivery process. This provides you peace of mind that you have made the purchase from a reputable supplier.




Making the Most of Your Purchasing Budget

There is nothing a business owner likes better than to save money on operational costs. As an astute business person, you will know what you want to spend on a POS system. Having done your system and price comparisons, you will find the best deals at the large online computer retailers, and at the specialized POS online stores. Quite often, you can get an all-in-one integrated system for much less than purchasing the individual components. You can take advantage of seasonal specials or sales to stretch your budget. With the savings that you get on such deals, you can then purchase additional components or services for your retail store or restaurant. You may even choose to use the savings to upgrade the speed and memory component of your POS system or get a larger touch screen. You can do so without feeling guilty as you will still be well within your allocated budget.

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