Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snazzy Art Cars That Would Stun Your Neighbors!

Imagine driving around in one of these roadway masterpieces! Pull into your driveway and have everyone on the street check out your wheels. It’s fun to day-dream at any rate. ~ Michele


One fancy Bug



Art Car Lamborghini – artist unknown


fat art car

Fat Car - creator Erwin Wurm



more Fish Car images at tomkennedyart.com/blog/?cat=3



Esther Mahlangu  - car painted in the traditional Ndebele pattern from South Africa (BMW).  - from New York Times



BMW art car by Italian painter Sandro Chia – Chia Face car? - from New York Times



“Protect Me From What I Want” Car

Jenny Holzer's Le Mans Roadster includes aphorisms like "The Unattainable Is Invariably Attractive" and "Monomania Is a Prerequisite of Success."  - from New York Times (BMW art car)

Once you have your fully customized art car you’ll have to have specialty dvla plates put on it too. I mean it would only be proper.


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