Friday, November 5, 2010

Evil Chocolate as a Business Promotion Tool


It’s too late I’ve already gone over to the dark side (dark chocolate side that is).

So no, chocolate is no more evil than Google and you won’t see any evil chocolate clowns on this blog

chocolate 545

Well okay, maybe one.

This isn’t about ghoulish chocolate either.


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It’s about fun, delicious ways that you can promote your business or just say thank you.


Well, maybe one of your employees isn’t going to get to drive the company car. That doesn’t mean that he or she should go away empty handed.


Sadly, the ability to purchase cars and homes does seem to be based on productivity. Some productivity of the chocolaty kind can provide more immediate gratification. Hmmm.


Pay me in Charlie Chocolate Factory credits PLEASE!

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This is the sort of gold that I can afford with the real stuff now pushing $1400 an ounce! Way more yummy too (plus it won’t break your teeth).

(promotional products Canada)


This is called an “Eat-It-All Chocolate Box.” No worries, I can accommodate that.

(promotional products Canada)


I can’t think of a better way to say thank you and to personalize your message at the same time. What a sweet deal.

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