Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Personalized Stationery that Inspires

Today many people still use letterheads for personal writing that are extremely plain. It doesn’t have to be that way though. With the sort of printing technology available today a veritable cornucopia of design and paper options are available. For people that want their communications to impart something different or unique a quick look at some online printing sites will provide a wealth of ideas.

Whether you enjoy the antique or modern look in printed work, there is a huge assortment of inspirational images to be found online. Some designers are creating lovely paper products that have a unique antique flair while other designers are pushing the envelope in modern print design.

Have a peek at some new and old ideas that can be used to inspire you and get you thinking about what sort of stationery you might like to have, A few examples are from currently produced collections and some are examples created by well known artists of the twentieth century. Enjoy!

Paper Nosh 2011 Calendar 4  Copyright Paper Nosh500

Antique Styled Stationery from http://lapinkpaperie.blogspot.com/

Halloween October 2010 088

Antique Styled Stationery from http://lapinkpaperie.blogspot.com/

spp french country

image courtesy of www.sweetpeonypress.com

spp french country2
image courtesy of www.sweetpeonypress.com

Historically Significant Stationery Created by Various Artists:


Theo Van Doesburg, De Stijl NB postcard. Netherlands (The Hague and Leiden), 1920
from http://assemblyman-eph.blogspot.com


The personalized stationery of Bruno Munari, Mazzotti. Italy, 1934
from http://assemblyman-eph.blogspot.com


Tristan Tzara, MoUvEmEnT DADA. Paris c. 1918
 from http://assemblyman-eph.blogspot.com


El Lissitzky, Vesc/Object/Gegenstand. Berlin, 1922 (from the collection of Hans Berndt, Germany)
from http://assemblyman-eph.blogspot.com


Japanese Postcards of the Russo-Japanese War  (Letter from the Front)
from http://assemblyman-eph.blogspot.com

Next month I’ll be having a look at some great modern examples that you may be interested in. Until then, have fun!

~ Michele


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