Monday, October 25, 2010

Interior Design Inspirations

Transform your home. Go from bleak to chic!

Like most people, your wallet likely isn’t overflowing with cash but you still want to live in attractive digs. You can look though interior design magazines until you’re blue in the face but you have to ask yourself why they are designed to torture the average working person so? Unless you’re living in an architectural wonder of a dwelling to begin, with many of their “before and after” pages just aren’t going to be of much help to you. How many Americans are living in homes with 20 ft. high ceilings and that have vast expanses of beautiful glass windows. Sure, some people have all that but most of us do not.

There are things that the average apartment, condo, and modest home dweller can do though.

Here are some lovely images to inspire you and to help you liven up your living space..


Consider using beautiful tiles in your home.

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Picture groupings can create the dramatic impact that random spacing fails to create.

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Consider adding an exotic touch to your interior. If you can’t afford that vacation you’ve always dreamed of, you can always pretend a little by bringing the trappings of that foreign shore to you.

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Have fun with color. Inside or out, think about color schemes that can surprise and delight you.

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Add some great, colorful art to your walls

Painting by Jennifer O’Connell

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Painting by Jennifer O’Connell

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Try adding some abstract pieces to your interiors or buy some paint and pre-stretched canvas and create your own.

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If original art will break your budget a fabulous art poster or two can go a long way toward cheering up a room

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pillow 3pillow2

Adding attractive decorative accessories like modern throw pillows can enliven your living space and provide additional comfort. Other options, aside from throw pillows are nifty standing floor lamps and cozy sofa throws. Elegant quilted or embroidered wall hangings that complement both your drapes and decorative throw pillows can also look very effective.

A company like offers modern throw pillows and thousands of coordinated styles and sizes of home linens reflecting the latest patterns and color trends. From casual at-home entertaining, to weddings, showers and special events, will help you create the perfect setting every time. Find the right throw pillows, chair pads or napkin rings to take your dining room and living room from ordinary to extraordinary.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you have fun with it!

~ Michele

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  1. I like the article, but as a guy I still have no idea what the point of throw pillows is. I mean really, why? Are they for throwing? Vacations