Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Have a Stay-At-Home Holiday and Avoid Travel Delays

It's getting very close to Winter in the Northern Hemisphere now and it's usually the time of year that I start to daydream about going on a wonderful tropical holiday and escaping the wind, rain and snow. I never seem to make it on one of these journeys though, mainly for financial reasons. However, family and friends that do manage to escape seem to spend an inordinate amount of their travel time waiting in airports for flights and trying to find their hotels in foreign lands. After listening to their stories I've come to wonder whether traveling is really worth all of the effort.

Instead of waiting in some uncomfortable airport during a 7 hour lay-over why not just stay at home and enjoy a wonderful  home entertainment system created by home theatre design professionals. Snuggle up in a warm blanket with some freshly popped popcorn from one of the exceptional popcorn machines on the market and forget the wind and the elements altogether. I'm not a person that enjoys impersonal airports and having to worry about passports, visas, luggage and personal security. Stay home! That's my message. ;-)

A good home theatre design can make up for poor travel opportunities in any case. If the airport is snowed in, your lovely travel plans are going to be canceled anyway so why not avoid the aggravation and just plan to enjoy your home this winter.  Having proper acoustic panels installed in your entertainment room will help to create the sound quality that will make your movie/TV viewing experience come to life. Your home theater can be dressed up with vintage movie posters and appropriate lighting designed to create a warm viewing experience. I would suggest looking around at some of the possibilities that can be found online for creating a great entertainment room -somewhere to hide while that blizzard rages outside.

 With the appropriate prints you can even pretend that you're in the tropics:


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Great Fun at Home

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  1. You make such a good point, sometimes it is better to stay at home. Traveling can be an extremely exhausting and frustrating endeavour. Don't try to take a flight during a blizzard or travel to a sunny locale during the height of hurricane season. I've made both of these mistakes myself and it was seriously NO FUN!