Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Getting More Entertainment Value from Your Vehicle


A person can never get too much entertainment from their vehicle in my humble opinion. Why would any vehicle owner pass up the opportunity to gain a little entertainment while sitting in traffic each morning or while on their next shopping excursion. Here is a fun article on how to gussy up your car or truck with a little license plate bling. Below is a small selection of plates easily found by doing a Google image search. Enjoy!  ~ Michele


10 Funny Personalized Plates   by Martyn Davies

A vanity plate is a fun way to express yourself to the world…or at least, to the driver behind you. Barring any offensive language or threatening meaning, you can put almost any combination of letters, numbers and sometimes symbols together. The amusing part is watching people "get" the meaning of your suggested message. Personalized plates run the gambit from the innocuous to the risqué. They can also signify a thumbs up or a thumbed nose – all in good fun, of course. Some of the most common plates include the driver's name or a self-designated description. Or they can include a sentimental message like LOVE MOM. Some plates indicate a driver's status whether occupational or military.



Requests for personalized plates have increased in the last few years as drivers opt for plates with something more meaningful than randomly selected letters and numbers. These plates are especially common in the U.S., the U.K. and Canada. There is an additional charge for specially designated messages and depending on the place of purchase, some of these extra funds go towards special public projects or specific causes.



Because of the rising number of plates, you may have to search to make sure your particular plate isn't already being used. Some sellers provide search databases to determine availability. If a particular plate you want is in used, that is just an opportunity for you to be more creative with you letter-number combination.



Reading vanity plates is a favorite road trip game for families. Sometimes you will spot a particularly funny plate that borders on the ribald. In the U.S., deciphering personalized plates became such a fun challenge that a short-lived game show ran from 1987 to 1990 where contestants had to interpret vanity plates.



Some plates are quite humorous depending on your sense of humor. Below are 10 examples of plates that may pique the humor or even:

1) HIOFCER. It may take a few seconds to determine that the driver is     being quite cheeky here. He should hope that any traffic cops riding behind him have a similar sense of humor.

2) In Virginia, some of the plates have a cause message stating "Kids First." One original plate inserted EATTHE before the standardized message, giving the plate an entirely different premise.

3) Sometimes drivers get creative to get around the ban on sexually suggestive plates. One particular plate's message read: X32 1ARO. A driver who happens to look in his rear view mirror will get the full meaning of the not immediately decipherable message on the car behind him.

4) No one should have to suffer PMS24-7 as a driver in Portland, OR seemingly does.

5) Internet acronyms are popular letter combinations. Only an avid surfer will recognized the meaning behind WTF OMFG.

6) Blog acronyms, or in some cases popularized typos, are also popular choices for personalized plates. For example, most blog readers will automatically know the sentiment behind IPWNYOU.

7) The evil laugh is universal. What old movie aficionado doesn't remember at least one villain rubbing his hands together as he MUWHAHA to the audience?

8) Urban vernacular can make for interesting plate messages such as this one spotted in Pennsylvania: CHIL-BRO.

9) A jeep sporting the Jolly Roger symbol of skull and crossed sabers coordinated the emblem with a license plate simply reading AARRR.

10) Blond jokes abound even in traffic where BLOND is spelled out backwards and upside down.


Whatever the combination of letters and numbers you want, always check to see if the combination is available. In countries like the U.K., personalized plates can also provide unique DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency) numbers in addition to personal letter messages. Because vanity plates cost more than standard plates, shop around for plate retailers who offer competitive prices. Then have fun encoding your message for the world to see.




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  1. LOL love the 'iamlate' one. I think if I were to get a personalized plate it would say 'fllowme'