Friday, October 29, 2010

Funny Pictures of the Day


Here is my latest collection of funny images that I’ve found online

Hope these brighten your day!

~ Michele




2355_Mommy Has Herpes





jumping cow

Check out the great sites that are referenced in the photographs to see more funny pictures.

Have a Happy Halloween People!

October 29th, 2010

~ Michele

The dream reveals the reality which conception lags behind. That is the horror of life - the terror of art.
- Franz Kafka



Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Collection of Cute Frog Pictures


Some people are fortunate enough to be able to take a trip to Costa Rica, Honduras, or Brazil, camera in tow, and snap some great shots of the frogs local to those areas. I’ve decided to dedicate this post to the photos taken by those travellers and to the fascinating frogs that inhabit those tropical areas.

I think a national day devoted to the reptiles is in definitely in order. He is a random sampling of some of the cuter pictures that I was able to find online. Feel free to send me links to any other nice frog images that you happen to find in your online travels.

~ Michele


Just Hanging out



Whatcha Doing?



I’m Blue, da ba dee da ba die



Best Friends



Yoda Frog


fuzzy frog

Frog with Identity Issues



Frog Mite on a Leaf



So Happy Together



Superfrog Turning Invisible


The growling grass frog is ``next on the hit list'' of chytrid fungus infection, which has wiped out many frog species in Australia and internationally.

Spiritual Type


frog on top

Spam Opportunity

from  los angeles web design

los angeles web design

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Personalized Stationery that Inspires

Today many people still use letterheads for personal writing that are extremely plain. It doesn’t have to be that way though. With the sort of printing technology available today a veritable cornucopia of design and paper options are available. For people that want their communications to impart something different or unique a quick look at some online printing sites will provide a wealth of ideas.

Whether you enjoy the antique or modern look in printed work, there is a huge assortment of inspirational images to be found online. Some designers are creating lovely paper products that have a unique antique flair while other designers are pushing the envelope in modern print design.

Have a peek at some new and old ideas that can be used to inspire you and get you thinking about what sort of stationery you might like to have, A few examples are from currently produced collections and some are examples created by well known artists of the twentieth century. Enjoy!

Paper Nosh 2011 Calendar 4  Copyright Paper Nosh500

Antique Styled Stationery from

Halloween October 2010 088

Antique Styled Stationery from

spp french country

image courtesy of

spp french country2
image courtesy of

Historically Significant Stationery Created by Various Artists:


Theo Van Doesburg, De Stijl NB postcard. Netherlands (The Hague and Leiden), 1920


The personalized stationery of Bruno Munari, Mazzotti. Italy, 1934


Tristan Tzara, MoUvEmEnT DADA. Paris c. 1918


El Lissitzky, Vesc/Object/Gegenstand. Berlin, 1922 (from the collection of Hans Berndt, Germany)


Japanese Postcards of the Russo-Japanese War  (Letter from the Front)

Next month I’ll be having a look at some great modern examples that you may be interested in. Until then, have fun!

~ Michele


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Monday, October 25, 2010

Interior Design Inspirations

Transform your home. Go from bleak to chic!

Like most people, your wallet likely isn’t overflowing with cash but you still want to live in attractive digs. You can look though interior design magazines until you’re blue in the face but you have to ask yourself why they are designed to torture the average working person so? Unless you’re living in an architectural wonder of a dwelling to begin, with many of their “before and after” pages just aren’t going to be of much help to you. How many Americans are living in homes with 20 ft. high ceilings and that have vast expanses of beautiful glass windows. Sure, some people have all that but most of us do not.

There are things that the average apartment, condo, and modest home dweller can do though.

Here are some lovely images to inspire you and to help you liven up your living space..


Consider using beautiful tiles in your home.

image from



Picture groupings can create the dramatic impact that random spacing fails to create.

image from



Consider adding an exotic touch to your interior. If you can’t afford that vacation you’ve always dreamed of, you can always pretend a little by bringing the trappings of that foreign shore to you.

image from



Have fun with color. Inside or out, think about color schemes that can surprise and delight you.

image from



Add some great, colorful art to your walls

Painting by Jennifer O’Connell

image from


Painting by Jennifer O’Connell

image from



Try adding some abstract pieces to your interiors or buy some paint and pre-stretched canvas and create your own.

images from



If original art will break your budget a fabulous art poster or two can go a long way toward cheering up a room

image from


pillow 3pillow2

Adding attractive decorative accessories like modern throw pillows can enliven your living space and provide additional comfort. Other options, aside from throw pillows are nifty standing floor lamps and cozy sofa throws. Elegant quilted or embroidered wall hangings that complement both your drapes and decorative throw pillows can also look very effective.

A company like offers modern throw pillows and thousands of coordinated styles and sizes of home linens reflecting the latest patterns and color trends. From casual at-home entertaining, to weddings, showers and special events, will help you create the perfect setting every time. Find the right throw pillows, chair pads or napkin rings to take your dining room and living room from ordinary to extraordinary.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you have fun with it!

~ Michele

Friday, October 22, 2010

What’s the Deal with Licensing Body Software?


This is a term that I’ve only recently just come across but in a nutshell:

“Licensing bodies need to measure and attest to competence, respond to complaints and problems, annotate member files with credits for ongoing education and the like, and renew various licenses, registrations, member lists and state-required reports.” 

Licensing body software or association management software, is a product that manages all the details of a licensing organization.

Here is more information about some of the industries and details about how licensing bodies work.

pie chart

What Is Licensing Body Software?   by Jeff Burns

Licensing bodies are organizations that support and protect the public interest at the same time that they serve the members of specific professions. The Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG), for instance, licenses engineers, processes, services and software related to the tools that compress movie files into smaller sizes for display on iPods and cell phones. Any group with licensure power, for professionals ranging from cosmeticians to pilots, is a licensing body, although it may have any number of other responsibilities and agendas.

Today, the majority of the populace knows what software is, even though licensing body software is not a product most people will buy at the local computer mart along with their word processing program. At the dawn of the computer era, when the majority of programs used by businesses and professional groups was custom-made, there were various kinds of specialized databases and customer service programs written for proprietary use. Once the software industry blasted into cyberspace (and everyone’s home) in the 1990s, off-the-shelf database programs began to proliferate, for licensing bodies and everyone else (this is how association management software evolved).

A hybrid approach

For licensing bodies to properly regulate their professions and their members, license holders must meet both an initial set of requirements and continue to be certified by the organization(s). Managing a constantly updating mass of information on increasing numbers of people is a daunting task, and since the public interest is involved you must have absolute confidence that your have a flexible, powerful, legally vetted means of doing so. Licensing bodies need to measure and attest to competence, respond to complaints and problems, annotate member files with credits for ongoing education and the like, and renew various licenses, registrations, member lists and state-required reports.

Fact is, if you are an executive of a licensing body, you may have used, and may still be using, some sort of flat-file or relational database program to run your group. Perhaps you have even been able to customize it a bit. However, it is clear that a newer approach is superior, a hybrid approach that builds on the solid foundation of proven software technology and results in a highly customized product specifically fitted to the need of licensing bodies.



The way up

There are few licensing body software packages available, and the leaders of the pack will be easy enough to locate with a Web search. What should you look for? You need to look for one that was specifically developed for the requirements of membership organizations that certify and/or license professional members. In addition, you should ensure that any software package you consider includes best practices from leading membership organizations from around the country and the world. You need a comprehensive solution; one that has been designed by people who know the ins and outs of licensing bodies, and has the expertise to assure its members, the public and state officials that its records are correct and secure.

Even then, industry best practices are just the beginning of licensing body software development. Every organization has unique, mission-critical requirements, as well as working methods that have proven integral to its ongoing success. You certainly do not need a licensing body application that requires you to change your methodology or working behaviors merely to use it. The top vendors in this highly specialized field know that dependable, predictable solutions need to fit the existing nature of existing organizations. Therefore, you should consider which software solution is flexible and malleable enough to fit your group’s working environment and management style.

Bottom line

When a licensing body solution is correctly developed and implemented, it will provide you the latest technology, the current best practices of your industry, a mature approach to customized operations, a means of improving staff efficiency and a way to maximize the positive experience of the group, its members and the public at large. You will not get this kind of solution from a generalized software vendor (specialized association management software is required), or at the local computer mart.

Association management software solutions require years of experience (in licensing bodies, state government operations, corporate management and a wide range of industries) on the part of developers, managers and support staff. Those years of experience, and specific expertise in the operation of licensing bodies, goes into these packages. Your organization needs to maintain efficient operations internally, while providing both oversight and service to members; this is a serious, involved process. Licensing body software has evolved to provide you a potent mix of efficiency and service. Do not even consider licensing body software that does not meet this high standard.

Alinity is a leading enterprise targeted at mid to large sized licensing bodies who look to provide exceptional services online and ensure their leadership in their industry. For more information about their association management software visit them at


I hope you enjoyed this article!

~ Michele

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Funny Pics of the Day

Here are a few funny pics sent to me that I thought I would share.


Here is another cute designer license plate (dvla). Look out for pirates on the road though, especially if you don’t have your sea legs yet! 

(my dvd duplicators plugs into my dashboard)


Teenage Mutant Ninja Shoe Warrior. 

This one makes me wish that George Bush were still in Office. We’re experiencing a void of good material to poke fun at. Don’t you just want to see the Bush/Bruce Lee flick that could have been made? I guess it isn’t worth a greater economic downturn though.

A movie like that would have had the dvd duplicators smokin’

image from


I knew that R2D2 design looked familiar! 

image from


Here’s R2’s best friend Dyson

image from

image from

Fake it ‘till you make it” gone big time.

(Someone should have done a background check)

image from

Make a deposit and please come again.

This sperm bank is just one of the latest products on a sperm bank type theme. Here are a couple of others too:

earrings by

lamps by

These lamps would make a very elegant addition to any sperm bank institution anywhere.

I hope you enjoy the pics! 
~ Michele